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Logo Design Offers

Our approach

Our approach is aimed to create a competitive brand image within every design project. It involves a research of client’s business features, competitors and target audience. Every creative solution that we suggest is based on clients’ needs and our marketing research results. Within any project we’re sharing preliminary results of every step with our clients in order to choose and approve the creative direction or make any corrections at early stages. The result of every stage is a presentation document and a video screencast with our explanations.



Process stages

Briefing & interview   A client fills out our standard brief with relevant information about his brand
Visual positioning   We make a research basing on client’s information from the brief. The result is document with our suggestions on visual positioning and brand mood.
Mindmapping   Generating basic metaphors (attributes, tags) that are relevant to a brand. The result is a list of attributes which describe a brand
Moodboarding   Basing on the attributes from the previous step we create a collage of images which reflect a brand’s look-and-feel in the best way, to our opinion
Draft sketching   We create multiple hand-drawn exloration sketches to define best shapes for further development. We present the results and recommend which options are best to move forward with



Here’s an exemplary list of deliverables for the “Logo+Logoguide” design package:
  1. Exploration stage that helps client to figure out product’s positioning, tone of voice, target audience, values and general mood – [PDF] 
  2. Logo Mark [PDF, AI, EPS]
  3. Word Mark [PDF, AI, EPS]
  4. Combination of logo mark and word mark [PDF, AI, EPS]
  5. Paddings for Logo Mark [A page of Style Guide]
  6. Paddings for Word Mark [A page of Style Guide]
  7. Paddings for combinations of logo mark and word mark [A page of Style Guide]
  8. Best Practices (Do and Dont’s) [A page of Style Guide]
  9. Color Palette [ASE, AI]
  10. Brand Guide document [PDF, AI, EPS]


Extra services

  • Social media branding 
  • Stationery branding
  • Umbrella branding
  • Pattern design
  • Icon set design
  • Illustration
  • Infographics
  • Logo animation
The price for any of extra services starts at 500 EUR. The final price is estimated individually and it depends on the workscope.

Payment details

We usually take 50% prepayment before starting each project.
The rest 50% is paid after approving the final results.
We use Letsdeel or Wise for receiving payments. 
Also, we can offer a bank details for wire transfer.

Have a question? Feel free to contact us

WhatsApp: +37369801426
Telegram: @eugenemt

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